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SUITS: Teen boys' size chart and measuring instructions.Updated a year ago

Our teen boys’ suits are available in the standard US/AU/UK suit sizes ranging from 10Y to 16Y. However, we’d still like to advise you to take some time in order to measure the boy the suit is for, to ensure you receive the correct size suit.

PLEASE NOTE: our suits have a slim-fit design. When in doubt between two sizes, we recommend you to pick the larger size of the two.

US / AU / UK size1. Chest size
2. Lower waist size
3. Inside leg size

134/140 (10Y)

74 cm
66 cm
62 cm

146/152 (12Y)

80 cm
70 cm
67 cm

158/164 (14Y)

86 cm
76 cm
72 cm

170/176 (16Y)

90 cm
80 cm
77 cm


PLEASE NOTE: our suits have a slim-fit design. When in doubt between two sizes, we recommend you to pick the larger size of the two.

Please take a look at the visual of the boy near the size chart above and follow these simple steps;

1. Chest size
Measuring up the chest size is the most important part as it is essential to get the right size jacket. Identifying the chest size should be achieved by measuring at the widest part of the chest with a tape measure.

2. Lower waist size
The lower waist is measured around two fingers below the height of the belly button and please make sure the tape is held in a straight horizontal line.

3. Inside leg size
The inside leg size should be measured from the highest point from the inside of the leg down to where the heel hits the floor. The tape measure should be held alongside the leg, the legs should be slightly apart and shoes should be taken off.

Once you have your measurements, please compare against the table above to identify the correct size. If your chest size falls into a different size category compared to your waist size, all you need to do is select the jacket sizing you require. The pants are ready to go in their stated size but if you need them taken in or need a little extra added, the design allows for a tailor to adjust the waistband and side seams two sizes either way.

Have you found your size? Wait no longer and have a look at our teen boys' suits.

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